Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My Birthday Today

I didn't cook today coz I've been kinda busy with work and volunteering.

My work supplies two cakes for every person's birthday but because I had to go out on an audit today, I had to postpone my cakes until next week at the earliest since I have audit all this week, Monday is a public holiday for us and Tuesday is another day out of the office on audit. So I guess I'll be having my Black Forest and Treasure Cake from 'The Cheesecake Shop' on next Wednesday. So everyone wasn't too happy that we didn't get our cakes today - however for those who was at home sick, they must be happy that I have postponed.

I got prezzies from two of my best friends - Thanks Heather and Vy. Absolutely loved the egg timer, and the unique pineapple peeler/corer/ringer and the "Happy Therapy Ball" which apparently has the answers to all my questions. Loved the lollypops and card but not the big reminder that I am getting old. Was just checking out my prezzies again and I realised I haven't opened one...the best one... the magnet saying "This is a self-cleaning kitchen so clean up after yourself". I have given it to Kev and hopefully he gets the message since he's the one that never cleans the kitchen.

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