Tuesday, August 21, 2007

BDO Iron Chef Night

Well, I have been busy - with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I thought I would have more time to update my blog every single day but reality is a bit different!

The fans of "Iron Chef", a japanese reality cook-off show shown on SBS every week, will know the gist of the competition. But for those who do
n't, "Iron Chef" is a battle between top-classed chefs. Each chef creats a three-course meal utilising an ingredient revealed at the start of the competition and may the best chef wins.

We hold an annual BDO (where I work) Iron Chef night but we modified the rules a little. Instead of 2 competitors, we had six teams of 3 or 4 people, each team was given a meat that they had to work with (chicken, deer, prawns, beef, pork and fish), there is a movie-themed presentation (Grease, Harry Potter, Shrek, Braveheart, Crocodile Dundee, and Star Wars) and each group draw out a secret ingredient from a bag (pineapple, ?, button mushrooms, okra aka lady fingers, tomatoes and dates)

I didn't end up winning *frowns* and he
art-broken, I forgot to take pictures of my team's food. Our team's theme was "Grease" (as in Grease Lightning) and the pre-determined meat given to our team was chicken. On the night of the competition, the secret ingredient picked out of a bag of brown-paper-wrapped-parcels by one member of our group was pineapple. Given our meats and movie theme, we decided to make three dishes:
  1. Chicken sweet corn soup - to fit the idea that 'grease monkeys' aka mechanics always order chicken sweet corn soup when they go to a chinese restaurant.
  2. Malaysian chicken curry - because it is grease-y and this is where we hid the pineapple.
  3. Chicken yiros - because it is from Grease (Greece).
Can't believe we lost considering that 3-quarters of my big pot of soup was completely devoured, and compliments shot out from most people. But Congrats to the "Star Wars" team who managed to make six dishes with the predetermined meat of fish, and secret ingredient of dates.

Secondly, also congrats to the "Shrek" team who had prawns to work with and secret ingredient of button mushrooms.

Thirdly, congrats to the best winning dress-up team of "Harry Potter" who used deer and secret ingredient of something-I-can't-recall. Loved the cauldron with the dry ice effect.

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