Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Last Minute Present

Well, two Sundays ago was one of niece's birthday. I knew I had to bake her a cake as I had done so for my other niece. However, I had a big exam on Saturday from 8am - 4pm so I knew I had to buy the cake. Luckily the party was on Sunday morning, but that will not allow me time to bake the cake, freeze it, ice it and cover it with icing.

Anyway, from my previous experiences, sponge cake is just not something that I can perfect in a day so straight after the exam, I went to buy a Woolies sponge cake because their's taste the best. I got all my sugarpaste and stuff ready and by the time I got home and was ready with all my ingredients and all, it was already 6:30pm.

This post should have been put up earlier but I got tied up with other stuff, but my friend had emailed me this morning with "it has been 4 days of holidays, and there's nothing new in your blog", so guilty conscience has me posting it up tonight.

This was a cheat's cake - bought the sponge cake, bought the icing (Orchard's) and all I had to do was decorate, beat up butter with icing sugar and a bit of vanilla essence until the right consistency, and roll a bit of rosewater essence into my fondant icing and WA-LAH, my present to the lil' birthday girl.

Oh, it was a kiddy party, my sis and her two ratbags were invited so I had asked my sis to take it but unfortunately, my other niece fell sick in the morning and so they never went to their cousin's birthday. So I had to end up dropping it off at the venue but I didn't stay as I had other stuff to do. But although it was a present to the birthday girl, she has extreme allergies and can't take any dairy or gluten products. Unfortunately, she could, at most, just admire the present, but her mum baked her a special gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free kinda cake so I don't think she missed out on much.

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Brian Ch'nh said...

Even though she couldn't eat the cake i'm still very impressed by your cake decorating abilities.